Stop bathroom odours


Our bathroom odour eliminators stop embarrassing toilet odours BEFORE they start, so nobody will know when you have to go.


The Personal Odour Eliminator Just’a Drop

Just’a Drop bathroom odour eliminator is new and better way to eliminate personal bathroom odours that occur.

 Just’a Spray Before You Go Toilet Spray

Flush toilet odours away with Just’a Spray! Just’a Spray absolutely guarantees to stop poop smell before you go. 

Toilet Bouquet Premium Toilet Spray

Embark on an aromatic European journey every time you go to the bathroom with Toilet Bouquet’s natural essential oils!

Poopee Chic Pre-emptive Potty Spray

From Christmas to birthday parties, all occasions are good to say “You STINK” to your loved ones! 

I have used it personally, and it actually works really well for me

…always great to have in your purse

The greatest thing ever!

The greatest thing ever!

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