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December 2005

      The sweet smell of success (Canadian Business Magazine) Everybody stinks,that's not a putdown, just a fact of everyday life. And we devote a lot of time and money proving we don't.Canadians spent $144 millions on air freshners, including sprays,...

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September 2005

      All it takes is Just'a Drop Inventor says no bathroom should be without new product that enutralizes unwanted bathroom odours before they happen. Luc Jalber can smell success. He says it has a hint of lime. Jalbert is the vice-president of Prelam...

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September 2005

    A scoop on poop with no stink Someday my job is worth waking up for. Those are the days when you head home at night and feel you've had some kind of positive impact on the world. The days when you write a piece and it "sings" as we say in the "biz",...

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May 2005

      Moncton company, a breath of fresh air A Moncton business with an innovative bathroom air freshener has been named finalist in a national competition for new products. The Canadian Council of Grocery Distributors management team of the Canadian...

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March 2005

    Excerpt from "Le grand ménage" Fortunately for our nostrils and for the ego of inconvenienced people, the market is full of products that help us overcoming this issue, at least when there is a real bathroom. Among those discoveries, we see Prelam's...

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December 2004

    The sweet smell of success Two entrepreneurs in Moncton, NB, have literally taken the time to smell the roses and are now parlaying the moment into a multi-million dollar business going head-to-head against the likes of S.C. Johnson and Proctor &...

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