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July 16, 2007 – The Sweet Smell of Success

Moncton, July 16, 2007: Luc Jalbert, an ambitious entrepreneur from Moncton, has once again made his way to New York, this time for a special appearance on CNBC’s “The Big Idea” with Donny Deutsch. The program introduces the viewer to men and women who have made their...

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June 2006

    Moncton Couple Wins Bathroom Makeover The air was smelling sweet yesterday for a retired New Brunswick couple who won $10,000 by attempting to mask embarrassing toilet odours. The couple bought Just'a Drop bathroom odor eliminator at a Moncton Wal-Mart...

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May 2011

    Just'a Drop is just the thing for GI sufferers Just'a Drop is an air freshening product developed to block (rather than mask or overpower) bathroom odours. It contains a combination of concentrated plant extracts that work to neutralize odours by forming...

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January 2009 –

          Excerpt from the Big Idea book Here's one you'll love. A problem every human being has that's a little delicate. Luc Galbert came on the show to discuss his solution to this unmentionable, but very real issue, bathroom smells. The...

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July 2006

    The sweet smell of success This is Luc Jalbert's $10 millions dilemna: how can he get people to talk about what they leave in the bathroom? he answer, he believes, could transform his kitchen-table company into a $10 millions success story, almost...

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June 2006

    Moncton takes fresh air to the Big Apple (Time & Transcript) A Moncton based company is using some guerilla marketing tactics to take on air-care industry giants like Proctor & Gamble and SC Johnson. Moncton's Luc Jalbert, vice-president of...

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April 2006

Evening News Ambitious entrepreneurs tackle odour problem Moncton-based entrepreneurs are making a big splash in North America by tackling the universal problem of embarrassing bathroom odours. Luc Jalbert and Don Goguen of Prelam Enterprises have seen their latest...

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