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From innovative ostomy odour neutralizers to the revolutionary Inject-Safe barrier bandages, Prelam Medical strives to offer solutions to improve patient’s care & everyday life.

Just’a Drop Ostomy Odour Eliminator

Just’a Drop for ostomy is a remarkable breakthrough product for ostomates as it works to eliminate odours in the toilet and is safe to use in your ostomy pouch. 

 Ventopedic Patient Care Products With Moisture Control

Ventopedic patient care products are built around an effective moisture transport technology system aimed at maintaining skin integrity on a variety of body parts. Structured around fabric functionality, the Ventopedic products are designed to effectively draw moisture away from the skin

Inject-Safe Barrier Bandages

Inject-Safe™ Barrier Bandage is a self-adhesive bandage applied to a patient’s skin before an injection by a healthcare provider to contain the post-injection bleeding. 

Specialised in Patient Care, Ostomy Care & Healthcare Products, Prelam Medical strives to offer quality solutions to help improve Canadian’s everyday lives.

Every meeting I tell people about it and they come back to another meeting saying “You were right, it really does work!” 
I tend to use Just’a Drop here at my clinic and everyone loves it! 

Just’a Drop has eliminated my concerns I’ve had for so many years.

We are indebted to you!

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